Mollyanne founded Mira Design in 2008.  Mira Design is a culmination of  decades of horticultural and agricultural experience, a background in planning and community design, and a lifelong devotion to artistic expression.  Practical knowledge informs her creative design. As an educator and student of the natural sciences--with decades of experience teaching children and adults in schools and community outreach programs--she loves consulting, training clients or personnel, and constantly learning from her practice.   Her interest the built environment and human behavior, led her to an  education in Community Studies and Planning at UC Davis, innovative work in the transportation sector as a researcher and project manager, and directing development of a center for sustainable agricultural learning on five acres.  Mollyanne is a hands-on designer with a broad scope of knowledge in the nuts and bolts and art of landscape construction. 

Mollyanne lives in the beautiful Bay Area, where she loves to raise animals & food, write songs, stories, and sing, sketch and carve portraits, and spend time with family and friends.


I am committed to beauty...to landscapes that engage us in an abundant relationship with the land.